• New Year's Dating Resolutions

    New Year’s Dating Resolutions

    3. January 2021 admin

    2020 has come to an end, and let’s be honest: Quite a few of us were probably more than happy to finally bid the year goodbye. The global pandemic has going out and meeting new people harder than ever before thanks to lockdowns, travel bans and what not. All of this has obviously made living…

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  • How to rinse a sugar daddy who is into financial domination

    How to Rinse a Sugar Daddy

    6. December 2020 admin

    Rich guys make popular partners for pretty obvious reasons: They can afford an amazing lifestyle, live in incredible apartments or houses, and are always good for surprises when you go on a date. No wonder the number of women looking to be somebody’s sugar baby is ever increasing. With all the tough competition of other…

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  • More Success with Plastic Surgery - Myth or Fact?

    More Success with Plastic Surgery

    8. November 2020 admin

    Cosmetic procedures are more popular than ever in 2020 with a growing number of women opting to optimise their bodies. Classics like breast augmentations and rhinoplasty never seem to go out of fashion even with the younger generations. That being said, more subtle corrections like fillers, skin rejuvenation treatments and anti-wrinkle techniques see a sharp…

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  • Rinsing Older Guys

    Rinsing Older Guys

    15. October 2020 admin

    It is no secret that making a filthy rich man fall in love with you can be a pretty decent way to elevate yourself both financially and socially. You could say that chasing millionaires has become almost a sport for young and attractive socialites in London and New York. With so many self-made millionaires and…

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  • How to meet wealthy men in a bar

    How to meet wealthy men

    10. September 2020 admin

    Going out with younger guys can be a real test for your patience. In my experience, guys in their 20s often act like they constantly have to prove themselves. On the one hand, they are confident in their looks and their overall sex appeal, but on the other hand they know they don’t usually have…

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  • What to spend your additional income from a rich lover on

    Additional Income From a Rich Lover

    24. August 2020 admin

    Are you constantly strapped for cash? You have a part-time job that just doesn’t pay enough for the lifestyle you want? A lot of young people find that living in a big city is not even sustainable with a full-time entry level job. After covering the rent and monthly expenses, there is often not even…

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  • How to spend sugar daddy money smart

    Spend Sugar Daddy Money

    2. July 2020 admin

    Whether you are working full-time or part-time, a job will always take up a considerable part of your day. This can be pretty challenging if you want to divide your time between work and university studies, hobbies, or other ventures. Maybe you are even working on your own business idea. What ever it is that…

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  • Sugar Baby Monthly Allowance

    Sugar Baby Monthly Allowance

    6. June 2020 admin

    A mutually beneficial relationship can be a pretty sweet and comfortable way to elevate your lifestyle. Whether it is simply money you are after or the feeling of being treated like a spoiled princess: There are many different iterations of arrangements you can have with your generous daddy. Negotiating your sugar baby monthly allowance should…

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  • Monthly support from sugar daddy

    Monthly support from sugar daddy

    9. May 2020 admin

    Sugar babies often flaunt a pretty lavish lifestyle on social media and online blogs. From designer outfits to constant weekend getaways – who wouldn’t be envious? Unsurprisingly the luxurious sugar baby lifestyle attracts more and more young and ambitious women. In major cities like London or New York, mutually beneficial relationships are now so commonplace…

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  • Secrets of a Sugar Baby - Where does all the money come from?

    Secrets of a Sugar Baby

    15. April 2020 admin

    As a woman who loves to go on dates with generous guys, you inevitably will have a few things to hide. A sugar daddy as a boyfriend is wonderful for many reasons. However, it is not always easy to bring all aspects of your private life together. This is true for many women in mutually…

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