• Being a Sugar Baby at Christmas Pays Off Big Time

    Sugar Baby at Christmas

    26. November 2021 admin

    One of the best things about mutually beneficial dating is being a sugar baby at Christmas. Let’s be honest: The festive season is all about materialism, money and gifts, so why not make the most of it? If you also love being showered with expensive luxury gifts, I can assure you that being a sugar…

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  • Why your night out is more fun when you hang out with generous men

    How to spot rich guys in bars

    24. October 2021 admin

    I often get asked by curious readers how to spot rich guys in bars or clubs. We’re talking a lot about smart dating arrangements and finding an ideally Mr Right on this blog, and I usually recommend people to give dating apps a try. While I don’t mind meeting men spontaneously in public, I simply…

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  • Why I earn money as a travel companion

    Earn Money as a Travel Companion

    24. September 2021 admin

    It is no longer a secret that you can make a decent amount of extra cash from dating if you socialise with the right people. For big city girls with high standards and a passion for a glamorous lifestyle, meeting the right man with the right job is a quintessential element of living in style.…

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  • What is a salt daddy?

    Salt Daddy – How to Avoid Dating Posers

    31. August 2021 admin

    Finding Mr Right is not easy despite the abundance of free dating apps. If you have ever tried online dating, you know this from first hand experience. A lot of guys sound like the perfect match on their profiles, but when you meet up in real life, they are complete disappointments. The higher your expectations,…

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  • What else to ask for when you date a wealthy man

    Financial Support from Sugar Daddy

    12. July 2021 admin

    Dating men can be a hit and miss. Some guys have a great personality, but no aspirations. Others rely on their good looks, but don’t have to offer much else. No matter what you are looking fr in a partner, I strongly advise you to go for someone who is career driven and successful. Not…

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  • The top things to look out for on your first date with a generous man

    First Date with a Generous Man

    25. June 2021 admin

    Many single women with high standards want to know what the best way is to seize up a potential partner. Proper due diligence is always a good idea if you aim a bit higher with your relationships, so we will share some of the best advice from sugaring experts. Your first date with a generous…

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  • The top reasons why you should invest in your looks

    Why you should invest in your looks

    8. May 2021 admin

    If you reflect on your last couple of dating adventures, what would you say? How close did you get to finding finding Mr Right? If you are reading this article, then chances are that you weren’t too lucky after all. All you want is meet a successful guy with a great lifestyle and a winning…

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  • Pay Per Meet Dating

    Pay Per Meet Dating

    13. April 2021 admin

    Most of us would agree that the partner you end up with will inevitably have an impact on your lifestyle. To some extent, we inevitably adapt to our partner’s preferences and spending habits. After all, spending time together is always about compromises. Wherever you stand in life, your affairs and relationships can also lift up…

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  • Income from Sugaring

    Income from Sugaring

    14. March 2021 admin

    The most successful sugar babies manage to have a decent enough income from sugaring to enjoy a fairly comfortable or even glamorous lifestyle. From shopping sprees over rent to luxury holidays, everything is possible if you master the art of the game. How much you get out of your dates and relationships really depends on…

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  • Are breast implants worth it - the Pros and Cons

    Are breast implants worth it?

    10. February 2021 admin

    Many women dream consider plastic surgery to look more youthful or to simply change something about their appearance that they are not 100% happy with. One of the all-time favourites among beauty treatments is the boob job. Somehow it never seems to get out of fashion, and there are good reasons why. Whether it is…

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